Browning Aspect Cam Action Camera Archery

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The Browning ASPECT Cam is the perfect way to capture your next hunting adventure.  Simply connect wirelessly to the camera using the ASPECT Cam app and you can record, play, and store videos, all from your fingertips.  To make it even better, if you want to talk about video quality, the ASPECT Cam is built with enough mass to absorb a lot of energy from your firearm or bow and really stabilize your video captures.  So, imagine capturing that perfect Aspect video in 4K UHD, and being able to share it with all of your friends and family directly from the field.   That is the ultimate action camera experience that you can only get from the Browning ASPECT Cam.

Mounts on Most Bows, Rifles and Aspectguns
Operates in 4K UHD and 1080p Video Modes.
Ability to Operate at up to 120fps, for Great Slow Motion Playback
Silent, Blackout and Vibrate Recording Modes
Ability to Record for Up to 4 hours on One Charge

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